Our Lasting Legacy – Real Life Stories

East Glasgow Music School, which originally started in 1978 as Bannerman Saturday Music Club, has a lot to be proud of. Hundreds of children have attended the school since it first opened its doors. Some haven’t stayed for long, others found themselves bitten by the music bug and stayed long after the lessons, which are available only to those of primary school age, had stopped. Some have even returned to us as tutors – in fact, 7 of our 16 tutors came through Music School as children! And we also have ‘grand-pupils’ – 2 of our former pupil tutors have children of their own now attending!

We would like to share a little bit about some of the pupils who attend now and who have attended the School in the past, and the difference the School has made to their lives.

If you have a story to tell about your time at East Glasgow Music School, please contact Michelle at info@egms.org.uk.