Burns Competition Results

Every year, many of our pupils participate in the Bridgeton Burns Schools Competition (December) and the Trades House of Glasgow Robert Burns Festival (January). Following a busy weekend of prizegiving concerts for these competitions, we are delighted to announce the results below. Huge congratulations to all of our pupils who took part!

Bridgeton Burns Schools Competition
P4-5 Vocal Solos
3rd Sarah Campbell

Boys’ Unbroken Vocal Solos
2nd Struan Young

Primary Instrumental Solos
1st Anna Li

S1-2 Vocal Solos
1st Neve Mochrie
2nd Dorothy Gay
3rd Hannah Dalgleish

S3-6 Vocal Solos
1st Miryan Galloway
2nd Kayla Gilmour
3rd Abbie Mochrie

Secondary Instrumental Solos
1st Miryan Galloway

Secondary Vocal Duets
2nd Abbie Mochrie & Neve Mochrie

Secondary Choirs
2nd Senior Vocal Ensemble

Trades House of Glasgow Robert Burns Festival
P4/5 Vocal Solos
1st Sarah Campbell

P6/7 Vocal Solos
2nd Amy Campbell
3rd Noah Dalgleish

P4/5 Instrumental Solos
1st Katie Gaffney

P6/7 Instrumental Solos
2nd Anna Li

S1-6 Vocal Solos
1st Abbie Mochrie
2nd Neve Mochrie
3rd Dorothy Gay

S1-6 Instrumental Solos
1st Miryan Galloway

Trades House - EGMS group